Student Experience at College of San Mateo
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Student Experience
Neel Ajit Joshi
Neel Ajit Joshi UCLA, Business Economics When I first came to CSM, I was completely new to this country as I had just moved from India. I was scared, nervous and, most importantly, I wanted to fit in with my new surroundings. After my initial summer semester, I began to feel much more at ease, thanks to CSM’s diverse and welcoming culture. Eventually, I joined the Transfer Club and received the opportunity to tour several campuses, including UCLA. Additionally, CSM continued to enrich my experience with their amazing resources, such as having access to an approachable faculty and various resource centers. Being in the Transfer Club also put me in frequent contact with Mike Mitchell, who graciously walked me through the transfer process. CSM definitely allowed me to grow personally and educationally, as I’ve made quite a few friends and have earned a few scholarships.