Student Experience at College of San Mateo
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Student Experience
Nancy Madriz
Nancy Madriz CSU Long Beach, Business Administration

After dropping out of CSM and serving in the Marine Corps, I returned in pursuit of an education that I formerly believed I was not designed for. I developed a genuine curiosity about education that drove me to attain the kind of academic achievements I once doubted. EOPS provided me with the peace of mind that monetary issues could not be an excuse in conquering my goals. The VROC was a community that gave me the added motivation I wanted through this process. Through the VROC and EOPS, CSM created a foundation that I could fall back on for guidance, making it difficult to give up on myself. I was impressed by the sum of faculty who saw competence in me and opened the doors to both leadership and scholarship opportunities. There is nothing more toxic than self-doubt. If you have the confidence and determination, you are already halfway there.