Student Experience at College of San Mateo
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Student Experience
Joshua Yeager
Joshua Yeager Claremont McKenna College, Economic Business

Joshua Yeager decided to attend CSM right out of high school because the private schools he was accepted to were extremely expensive. Also, after researching those schools and learning more about himself, Joshua realized none of those institutions were the right fit. He says, “I was not comfortable with the amount of debt I would have when I graduated. As a business major, I knew this was not a good idea.”

Upon entering CSM, Joshua focused his effort on exceling academically. Joshua says, “It was the only way I knew I would achieve everything I wanted. I took part in the Honors Program my first semester by writing a research paper on economics during the Industrial Revolution. Writing that paper was definitely a learning experience as I had to diligently edit it with my professor for many hours.” At CSM, Joshua also competed on CSM’s swim team for two years and made it to the State Finals both seasons. He found the coaching was excellent and his coach encouraged him to continue swimming competitively at a 4-year university.

 “When I attended CSM, I viewed it as a new opportunity, a fresh start; I worked hard. I took advantage of many programs and services that the college offered which contributed to my success as a student.”  He spent time meeting with professors during office hours, attending tutoring sessions in the library,  


and putting critical thinking skills into practice in classes such as philosophy  English.  The effort and time Joshua dedicated to his studies definitely paid off. “I had my choice of six great universities. I was accepted to UC San Diego, Santa Barbara, Davis and Berkeley, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Claremont McKenna–I chose Claremont McKenna.”

“I would tell others that CSM has everything they need to excel and if they work hard, their time spent at the college can be extremely rewarding. I can easily say I’ve become more mature and have developed a harder work ethic by attending CSM before transitioning into a four-year university.” Joshua is currently majoring in economic business and swimming competitively [VA1] at Claremont McKenna College.He sums ups his CSM experience as follows: “I am grateful to CSM for laying the foundation for my success.”