Student Experience at College of San Mateo
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Student Experience
Efrosini Proios
Efrosini Proios UC Berkeley, Molecular and Cell Biology

After completing high school in Greece, Efrosini Proios decided that California was where she wanted to continue her education. Arriving in the Bay Area, she began exploring the wealth of college and university options the region offered. Efrosini recalls, “I visited CSM’s campus and it seemed like a beautiful place to go to school. And, I learned the college offered many different majors, lots of activities and had some of the best professors in the Bay Area. Initially I didn’t know what I wanted to study, but I knew I would have the opportunity to experience many different subjects at CSM.” As she fulfilled her general education requirements, Efrosini learned about subjects that she had never studied before and found that her interest was piqued!

Efrosini discovered her professors to be good sources of inspiration and motivation, and she acknowledges several for helping her to realize her academic potential and finalize her major. “It’s difficult to pick one professor because there were so many, but Dr. Kathy Diamond was an amazing biology professor. She instigated my interest in molecular biology and she also encouraged my desire to teach through CalTeach, a program that she coordinated. Also, Dr. Frederick Gaines was another very inspirational professor – he teaches with passion and open-mindedness. He sparked my interest in U.S. history and, in particular, the African American community. I also have to mention Kate Deline who was the best chemistry professor I ever had! If it weren’t for her, I would never have enjoyed chemistry. Finally, Dr. Dave Danielson, my philosophy professor, was yet another inspirational instructor. His classes were always very interesting…I was lucky to take his course.”

The time Efrosini spent with counselors proved to be time well spent. She received guidance to ensure that she completed all the requirements needed to transfer to the university level as a junior. “My CSM experience enabled me to transfer to one of the best universities in the world – UC Berkeley—to continue my education,” she says.  Once at UC Berkeley, Efrosini saw the contrast between CSM and the university: she actually missed the small classes offered at CSM and the close rapport she had with her professors. “I feel that CSM offered a lot academically to prepare me for the university.”

In 2011, Efrosini received her bachelor’s degree in molecular and cell biology and is currently working as a clinical research associate for a clinical research organization in Seattle, Washington.

Looking back, Efrosini says “CSM was the best decision I have ever made in my academic life! At CSM, I participated in many clubs and took as many classes as I could. This gave me the opportunity to find my interests in subjects that I never thought I would like. I met great professors that motivated me to follow my career dreams – and that’s what I’m doing now!”