Student Experience at College of San Mateo
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Student Experience
Colin Jackson
Colin Jackson College of San Mateo

CSM student Colin Jackson didn't follow the traditional path to college. He was home schooled by his parents, who would provide materials to their son and let him do his thing. "Yes, I have a little bit of discipline," Colin said with a laugh.

Over the years, that helped him learn what he needed to pass the California's High School Proficiency Examination.Now 20 and carrying a 3.8 grade point average, Colin started CSM in the spring of 2006. He chose CSM because it was close by—he lives in San Carlos—and because of something which at first glance would not seem so important: CSM offered classes that used Macintosh computers. Colin is majoring in digital audio and electronic music, taking classes with associate professors Sam Sanchez (multimedia) and Christine Bobrowski (music).

"I'm really happy with my decision (to come to CSM)," he said. "I enjoy the campus; it's laid back. The professors are nice and the classes interesting." Colin mentioned one as an example, a multimedia class that allowed students hands-on experience recording bands.

The 20-year-old student and KCSM student assistant ("I love it there. It's fun. All the people are great.") has creativity running through him. You might say it's in his genes—his father is a musician and mother is an artist. Colin has been dancing since he was eight and still does, now focusing on hip hop but has taken classes in jazz, tap and ballet. He brought his skills to CSM, where he has performed at various venues on campus through CSM's dance program, including the Theatre. His other creative interest is music, which he said grew out of his enjoyment of dance. Someday, he hopes to enter the music industry recording or producing, although he feels that if he worked at it he could become an electronic dance-type music artist. Over the last few semesters, his music has been part of CSM's Electronic Music Concert.

This semester, his music video will be showcased. Spending "many, many hours" on the project, Colin has to remove all audio from a French film clip and replaced it with his own, including all sounds such as people running and music. Colin hopes to continue his education at a four-year someday somewhere close to home. In the meantime, however, he's happy to be where he is, using his Mac and creating music.

This feature first appeared in CSM's President's eNews in May 2008.