Student Experience at College of San Mateo
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Student Experience
Casey Cheng
Casey Cheng Indiana University-Bloomington, Fashion Merchandising/Advertising When I was in high school I always speculated what I wanted to do after graduation, I never really put much thought into it. However, the time came where I needed to make a decision. I graduated during the peak months of covid, so the most reasonable choice I made for myself was to attend CSM. I didn’t want to move to an area I was unfamiliar with during a nationwide lockdown; so I planned to attend CSM for two years then transfer. During my time at CSM my most helpful resource was the Transfer Club. I hadn’t looked into the process of transferring before and a majority of the knowledge I left with I learned by being an officer/member of the club. I came into CSM without knowing anything, from what classes to pick to which colleges I liked. However, there are an abundance of resources that assisted me in being successful with my transfer journey. For example, I made it clear I wanted to transfer in 2 years and my counselor outlined a path that made my goals possible. Personally, what I was most shocked about when I attended CSM was the amount of schools I was offered admissions to. I received acceptances to almost everywhere I had applied, I was ecstatic when decisions came out and I was able to share that experience with my family, friends, and peers! I have made the decision to attend Indiana University’s Bloomington campus for Fall of 2022. My plan is to major in media with a concentration in fashion. In the future I want to move to the east coast and work in the apparel industry focusing on advertising or merchandising. Lastly, the main idea I want to get across to prospective students is to attend CSM if you are considering it. It isn’t just a community college, but rather a stepping stone that will accelerate your career and success.